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Your Advice Is Not Required, Mr President

BRILLIANT ! Absolutely BANGINGLY spot on ! This Pre-Riposte (pre-poste ?) to #Obama just begs to be re-shared all over the place …

A Libertarian Rebel

An open letter to President Obama on British sovereignty, democracy, and the EU Referendum

Dear Mr President

Welcome to the United Kingdom: we hope you enjoy your last official visit to our shores as Head of State. But we also strongly recommend that, while renewing your acquaintance with our own Head of State, you reflect on the immeasurable historical importance, to both our countries, of independent nation-state sovereign democracy: and then conclude that for you to intervene politically in our forthcoming EU Referendum would traduce both our countries’ past histories, not to mention our own current hospitality, and in a way we find entirely unacceptable.

Questions for Obama on Europe

You’re going to try and browbeat us, Mr President, into voting to remain in the EU: in a democratically deficient, supranational political union that you would never even dare recommend to your own fellow-Americans as a political institution into which they should subjugate themselves.


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France cuts nuclear to 50% by 2025

General news black-out on this … UK, US

your passport to complaining

If you talk with nuclear boosters, they are most likely to tell you about two countries: France and China.  When praising France, they will talk about the ambitious coordinated effort to switch their electricity generating profile after the 1973 Arab oil embargo, when the country moved from basically no nuclear power to having over 75% of its generating capacity coming from nuclear in less than 20 years. It was something of an engineering marvel.

What you won’t hear them talking about is the new national energy policy adopted on July 22 after 150 hours of parliamentary debate.  This new policy mimics French PM Hollande’s campaign promise to cut nuclear power to 50% of its generating total by the year 2025.  France will replace nuclear mostly with renewables.

France will need to triple its wind and solar generation by 2025 (Hydro is currently 13%) France will need to triple its wind and solar generation by 2025 (Hydro is currently 13%)

What does it mean for…

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About. (the Manifesto Club … !) Josie Appleton, writes

in regard to the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta


Gweilin gal

Jarek Frankowski – Magnifier la musique

Jarek Frankowski – Magnifier la musique.

Jarek Frankowski – Magnifier la musique

Superbe ! Super … Super(musique)man … !

Qui est cet homme plongé dans une mer de machines électroniques ultra-complexes, attentif aux courbes mobiles de ses écrans d’ordinateur, un casque sur les oreilles et l’œil rivé sur la scène de concert ? On le trouve souvent à l’extrémité de la salle, installé sur deux rangs du public au centre des fauteuils. Il travaille dans l’ombre du son, attentif à l’équilibre acoustique des instruments, à leur réverbération, réglant chaque paramètre capté par des micros sur scène avec une fidélité vigilante à la partition dont il déjoue et dévoile les intentions avec audace et sensibilité. D’aussi loin qu’il se souvienne, Jarek Frankowski a toujours été passionné par l’électronique liée à l’acoustique, multipliant les approches qui lui permettent d’en explorer les arcanes : brillant étudiant  en architecture, guitariste, compositeur, inventeur et chercheur insatiable… Cette frénésie créative et goulue, riche des années d’expérience qui l’éclairent, trouve son élan dans l’émotion, les coups de cœur…

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